Contamos historias del beticismo
Contamos historias del beticismo

Add Boston Scott to the list

Since Nick Foles stepped in for Carson Wentz on a Super Bowl run, the Eagles have specialized in out of nowhere heroes. Add Boston Scott to the list. The running back, who spent time on the practice squad this season, ran for three touchdowns all in the second half and gained 138 yards from scrimmage on four catches and 19 carries..

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Percy Harvin and Zeke Elliott. Michael Thomas and Eli Apple. At Florida, 30 in six years. Fact check: Jacob Blake is accused of sexually assaulting a woman, not a childBlake charged with sexually assaulting a woman At the time of the Aug. 23 shooting, Blake had a warrant out for his arrest for a case filed in July in Kenosha County. According to a criminal complaint, Blake allegedly entered the house of a woman he knew in the early hours of the morning, sexually assaulted her and then took a debit card and car keys before fleeing in her vehicle.

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