Contamos historias del beticismo
Contamos historias del beticismo

All four winners will also receive a gift box of

Then they took over a hut and raised the Irish Tri Colour. At Jullundur the next day, on July 1st, two battalions had arrived. The men laid down their arms and were escorted to a nearby camp. Thanks for the referral to Rene Jacobs. Nothing but an open hearted conductor will do for me as a orchestral player. Otherwise I literally suffocate.

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The other three winners of the giveaway are, Angela Ferrari, a certified nurse midwife from Natick, Nancy P., a primary care physician in New Hampshire, and Tracy S., a grocery store manager from Pennsylvania. They all received a $500 gift certificate for a Bernard Hawkes trip. All four winners will also receive a gift box of «self care goodies for relaxing at home» from New England company Gus Ruby.

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