Contamos historias del beticismo
Contamos historias del beticismo

«This has been a difficult time since the death of

He said he had made mistakes in not addressing what he described as personnel issues more swiftly. He said the conclusions of the Vatican investigation, which have not been published, were a factor in his decision but that he was resigning and voluntarily. September, a poll by the local newspaper, The Buffalo News, showed that about 85% of Roman Catholics or lapsed Roman Catholics in the area said he should resign..

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canada goose clearance sale It a mantra, indeed a demand, that has been bandied about including in Calgary, where nearly 5,000 people have signed an online petition with that aim in mind since the videotaped police killing of George Floyd more than one month ago.Floyd, a 46 year old Black man, was killed May 25 when Derek Chauvin, a white police officer in Minneapolis, Minn., knelt on his neck for almost nine minutes while Floyd was handcuffed face down on the road, saying at least 16 times, «I can’t breathe.» The videos of his public death are agonizing to watch.Those videos mobilized much of the western world to protest police brutality, racism and the amount of resources taxpayers divert to police budgets.Friends and family of Floyd might be surprised by just how deep into the minutia of policing his death is reaching, and how far.During Tuesday virtual Calgary police commission meeting, Chief Mark Neufeld not only mentioned Floyd name but much of the discussion revolved around how to restructure policing to better serve the community.»This has been a difficult time since the death of George Floyd, and one of the things we learned very quickly is even though we had very good relationships with the community here in Calgary. They weren’t as good as perhaps we thought they were,» said Neufeld.The chief supported a June 29 letter from commission chair Bonita Croft to Alberta Justice Minister Doug Schweitzer, calling for a summit on policing with all imaginable stakeholders to, in part, modernize the Police Act by defining the role of police, improving officer training and accountability structures, as well as looking at the role of other agencies in delivering services to citizens in need.When it comes to defunding the police, Neufeld says it crucial to understand what the other party definition of defunding is.some this is about diverting money, for some this is about dismantling police, for others it about disarming the police, so it important in these discussions to find out where on the continuum individuals are, he said.deputy chiefs and I had a really good conversation with a community group (Monday) where one of the people said something that I thought was quite profound: don need to defund, we need to define. Thought that was insightful because over the past four decades I think we made the police the social agency of first resort, and particularly after four in the afternoon and on weekends, said Neufeld, who recently completed a master degree in criminology and police management from the University of Cambridge.ended up happening for many is the police became all things to all people, and I think what ends up happening is you risk becoming a mile wide and an inch deep. Says when he first worked as a front line constable in Vancouver in the early 1990s, the de institutionalization of those suffering from mental health issues led to provinces saving a lot of money on programming and facility costs that landed on cities dealing with the fallout of mentally fragile individuals living on the streets canada goose clearance sale.

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